Are We Crazy? – 3 Weird Laws that Only Exist Here in North Carolina

Laws are often either too strict or too friendly for us to follow them. However, each country, each state, and even each city can have their own share of laws which can surprise us in ways we often cannot even imagine.

Here in North Carolina, there were some laws that did surprise us by how “unique” they were. Some of them are no longer forced to be followed (thank God), but they’re still in the minds of our elders and some others. Therefore, they’re still considered “laws”. Are we crazy? Here are three weird laws that only exist here in North Carolina.

You Shall Not Sing Off Key

No one is perfect, isn’t it? This law demands that if we’re pitchy while singing, we mess up the tempo, or simply change what the actual lyrics say, then we’re breaking this law and… ruining the song? Why? We don’t even know. How did cover bands manage to exist over here in the past? That’s a better question.

You Shall Not Go To the Cemetery at Midnight

Whether this is a superstitious law or a law that protects the souls of your loved ones who reside there sleeping at night, forbidding visiting the dead at or after midnight seems a little odd, right? For some people, going to the cemetery is always an uncomfortable thing to do, but for others, it is comforting to spent some time with you loved ones. Either way, going past 12am it’s against the laws.

You Shall Get Married In A Hotel

If a man and woman who aren’t married yet go to a hotel and say that they’re married they will be registered as such, and according to the law, they are married indeed. Married for one night? Check. Married in a flash? Done.

Maybe these laws are already part of our culture, we don’t even know, and as odd as they are, they can also be funny.

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