About Us

With more than decades of combined experience in the legal area, our team of professional lawyers has grown each year to make Debt & Litigation Attorneys | Cocklaw, LLP the law firm that it is today.

Since Debt & Litigation Attorneys | Cocklaw, LLP was founded, it has become the best law firm for many because we always get good results. And with our clients’ help, our lawyers work more efficiently than any other law firm.

We establish a healthy communication channel with each one of our clients, and we seek the solution to any inconvenience that they have with the law. We seek justice and we teach you about your legal rights and legal procedures through our consulting service.

Our clients always choose Debt & Litigation Attorneys | Cocklaw, LLP because we are excellent and professional at what we do. And with total confidence, we discuss any case with a team of professional and experienced lawyers that would seek the best alternative to your issue.

All clients stay with us because we provide genuine value to everything that they have to say when they need it most. And we face any case with responsibility and professionalism. The way we work here in Debt & Litigation Attorneys | Cocklaw, LLP is outstanding and can be described as one of the best law firms in the state.

–        Fannie Fernandez.